Life Extension is truly about ‘transcendence”, but also our capabilities and capacities as beings as well as our planets that will be enhanced, improved, augmented, and digitized among a myriad of other possibilities.  Something that occurred recently is unequivocally a giant step forward in our potential to truly transcend to the next stage of humanity: A decision approved to begin plans on harnessing solar energy in space and sending it back to Earth for humans to have access to clean limitless energy.


“This week, the National Space Society (NSS) announced a new international initiative in which the US, India and other nations will band together to develop space-based solar power. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of the Republic of India and Mr. Mark Hopkins, executive committee chairman of the National Space Society said that the initiative has the potential of solving humanity’s energy needs and greatly mitigating climate change.”

In this bold next step towards not only energy independence, space exploration and harnessing of limitless resources, life extension beyond what our current biological limitations allows, continues to be the beat of the drum towards, aka “transcending our biology”.  Every energy infrastructure project that we can complete which lessens the burden of disease, polluted airways, work, and monetary expenditure over the long term, is a significant step towards allowing ourselves the potential to apply technologies for immortal life.

In the designing, construction, and completing of this space solar energy project, inspiration will come to many humans to become advocates of life extension technologies.  Also, in creation of this space solar array we as a global intelligence will be practicing methodologies, development of strategic teams and the funding needed for space colonization on the moon, Mars and beyond.  Having the ability to conduct such missions is vital in the pursuit for indefinite life and transcendence.


It will be especially significant for many of us, that projects such as these will actually be completed in our lifetime, and can actually be completed in our lifetimes, and many other places our species can reach.   What use is there in the supporting and tithing into organizations that focus on the unseen and “faith”, when we have the greatest opportunity to seek indefinite life and find more of the unseen than we could have ever thought possible.  By supporting projects such as this and life extension organizations around the world, we will be allowing a greater chance for our species to reach new heights.  We all need to encourage projects, taxes, and organizations that aid in the development of the health and longevity of human beings.

In harnessing solar energy, not only should we focus on those projects occurring out in space for our benefit, but also harnessing, storing, and sustaining solar energy within ourselves.  Scientists recently have been able to place an antenna on a cell, and on that cell can harvest solar energy.  This is an important development for now, because we can harvest energy our bodies are currently exposed to on the cellular level, and in the future will have developed nano skin-cells that mimic human skill cells however solar energy conversion ratio will be much more efficient.  Scientists have even taken this a step further, going into the brain.  They also figured out how to place photo receptor proteins on a specific type of neuron cell in the brain of their choice, in which those receptors use flashes of light (solar energy) to activate and deactivate them at will. So not only will our bodies be able to harness solar energy, but will also have the ability to shut that ability on and off at will.


Pursuing projects, funding, and government policy that reinforce the proponents of life extension, enhancements are of crucial important for us in the coming decades, not only within ourselves, but space and the quantum entanglement.  Becoming immortal, in whatever form that may be is essential in our species’ quest to comprehend as much of this existence as we possibly can, and to continue asking further questions. Wanting to live forever is what gives life meaning, not death and placing faith and comfort in past traditions that rely on the unseen and subordinate.  Instead look to the important things that truly matter: eradicating disease, increasing human lifespans, increasing clean energy and output, space exploration, human enhancement, living immortal by whatever means is most accessible/important to oneself.  Let’s be those generations of humans that were not content with staying as they were, but wanted to improve their health, their lifestyles, enhance them bodies and minds, but most importantly lived with the intent and drive to “transcend”.