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What it will take to live forever ? Take the QUIZ

by Avinash Singh

Jun 9, 14 • Longevity, QuizNo CommentsRead More »

Death is not a topic that anyone likes to think about, and that is just as true of advocates for longevity science as anyone else. We have to recognize, however, that the future of greatly extended healthy lives, produced by technologies, regenerative medicine, and medical nanotechnology, will not arrive soon enough to benefit everyone but still a big question arise again and again, Is death optional ? Well, at the present moment, no, but that hasn’t stopped many from searching to cure that fate we all share. This QUIZ explores what it will take to live forever.

So start answering the following question....

1) What is the unfortunate side-effect of immortality for the Struldbrug, an immortal race in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels?
2) Which baseball legend had himself cryogenically "preserved"?
3) According to transhumanist thinkers, what is a "posthuman"?
4) What is the central premise of transhumanism?
5) With cryonics, at what temperature is a body preserved?
6) What year did physics teacher Robert Ettinger propose the idea of cryonics?
7) According to those who study the aging process, what is the natural maximum human lifespan?
8) DARPA's BioDesign program is researching synthetic organisms that could be programmed to live forever. What will these organisms include?
9) How does the Turritopsis nutricula, also known as the "immortal jellyfish," achieve immortality?
10) Leading immortality theorist Aubrey de Gray is working on SENS, a tissue-repair strategy that will, in theory, allow for immortality. What does SENS stand for?
11) What is rejuvenation biotechnology?
12) One problem with cryopreservation has been the trauma of the process. A deep freeze causes the formation of ice crystals, which destroy the body's cells. Which recent discovery does away with freezing?
13) What year does futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson predict humans will be able to upload their consciousness onto computers?
14) Which animal shows almost no outward signs of aging?
15) Which U.S. presidential hopeful ran on the platform that he was immortal?
16) What is a neural prosthesis?
17) What reason do transhumanists give in defense of using technology to circumvent the natural biological process of death?
18) What is the name for the field that studies the aging process?
19) In Transhuman terms, what is the process of "uploading"?
20) According to Ian Smith at the Institute for Stem Cell Research, what type of cells may hold the immortality "master" gene?



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