If we can build a brain, what is the future of It?This is a series of videos by Dr. Ken Hayworth on philosophical and technological aspects of future in which we can build a brain. There are different approaches to deal with this problem, in which we can build a brain and preserve our memories and consciousness.

Dr. Ken Hayworth is a PhD Neuroscientist, President of Brain Preservation Foundation and Senior scientist at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus in Virginia. He has been a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University and received his PhD in Neuroscience at The University of Southern California. For more details, visit the website listed above. He has given talk Global Future: 2045 conference Towards a new strategy for Human Evolution organized in June 2013 along with eminent and pioneer researchers- Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Peter H. Diamindis and Dmitry Itskov.

His main goal is to upload a human mind into computer by 2050. He discusses about his work in his recent research paper- Electron Imaging Technology for Whole Brain Neural Circuit Mapping. This is a complicated topic, but Dr. Ken has described his research approach in the movie in 3 parts: Part 1- Will you preserve your brain,      Part 2- Will you upload your mind, Part 3- If we can build a brain, what is the future of it? Part 3 of the movie has been shown with this article below. The model says that brain’s information is mainly digital in nature and is stored in Connectome. He believes that with current technology, we can extract this information stored in Connectome. This study will open up new ventures for mind uploading science.