Mother Durga, the epitome of Shakti and spiritual power is worshipped in India as a symbol of good over evil. Goddess Durga fought and defeated the demon Mahisasura in a battle signifying that good will always prevail over evil. We seek Her blessings to guide us in our venture to uphold this idea that of “durgotinasini” implying to destroy all evil.

Luckily for me I am also part of one such grand venture. I was deeply moved by the inspirations showered upon me by Dr. Giulio Prisco (A scientist and a former Senior Manager at the European Space Agency) with whom I got acquainted when I stumbled upon his very interesting site Turing Church, an online working group on modern cosmic vision , spirituality, space technology, sometime in 2014. I immediately enrolled myself as a working member (Turing Church Website).

Turing Church is an attempt to win over death and hope of resurrected life. Death and decay by all means is evil and to fight it out in a battle is our duty. In a recent interview to the Humanity + magazine Dr. Prisco said that “It is not an attempt to substitute God rather an effort to actually build one to fulfill all the promises of religion .The Turing Church religion unlike other religions is not making promises but trying to realize them through reason and scientific methods”. “Space time engineering and future magic will permit achieving, by scientific means, many amazing things that no human religion ever dreamed. Eventually we will be able to resurrect all dead sentient beings by copying them to the future” ( Turing Church Open Source Religion….).

With increased knowledge in modern physics and space engineering and advancement of ethical technology, he feels that all things can be accomplished once we evolve into higher intelligence and merge ourselves with the Artificial Intelligence. “Our ancestors didn’t realize that transcendence would be achieved by means of science and engineering, because they were not mentally equipped to do so. We are beginning to understand the concept, and future generations will understand it better and more”.

His cosmist network it seems with individuals sharing the cosmic vision is evolving and expanding mainly because it is open to all kind of thoughts. As far as I am concerned my contribution to the cause would be based on what I know from my eastern spiritual teaching and he granted the honor by entrusting me the responsibility of leading from the East. (Facebook page India Awakens ).

Dr.Prisco is quite enthusiastic to work in India. “Science and technology are key parts of the Turing Church vision. On the contrary (apparently), Eastern thinking emphasizes a whole range of spiritual concepts, from Yoga to reincarnation through the power of special enlightened non-ordinary states of consciousness over matter, which seem difficult to reconcile with the scientific framework of Western thinking…future science may reveal deep connections between Western and Eastern modes of thought about reality” (Turing Church Intro for India Awakens). I was also inspired to write a short essay to commemorate this bonding; I compiled some of Tagore’s songs and poetry in support of his Cosmist beliefs. (Turing Church and its Eastern Connection) .

Autumn (the month of Sarat” in the Indian calendar) is the time for us to welcome Goddess Durga. Ma Durga as we fondly call her, is the female embodiment of creation, power and peace. We are at awe when we witness the Devi’s majestic fight with the Demon Mahissasura with her ten power packed arms each carrying a weapon of positive moral and spiritual energy. Hence, Durga Puja serves as an inspiration to work with conviction, to learn and conquer the evil and succeed.

I, a woman myself , bow to the Mother,that resides in all beings in the form of wisdom, power and compassion, to bless me with courage and strength as I move on with my colleagues in Turing Church in our endeavor to bring back all those who have left us… for an eternal life together.

II Yaa Devi Sarvavuteshu II

“ Namastashy namastshayee namastshayee namoh namah…”.