10-to-SinguarlityWe could get to the singularity in ten years says AGI pioneer Ben Goertzel, but we needed a strategy to reach this goal. Such goal can be achieve if right kind of people focus on right things. He gave some ways and examples to achieve this goal like….

Dantzig’s solution to ‘unsolvable’ statistics problems, where Dantzig’s solved a unsolvable problem juts because he thought problem was a part of assignment and he need to submit soon. In the same way of thinking can solve some of unsolvable problem in Singularity too and a positive Singularity get launched in 10 years from now.

Some of high end technology to achieve Singularity is Nanotechnology, Genome Engineering, Artificial Intelligence(AI) where AI is more like software work than hardwork work but of course very hard and two of most basic approach according to Ben Goertzel is Copy the human brain, which seems so far as it needed understanding human brain itself which may take next 10 years or Come up with something cleverer which seems to more feasible approach but also uncertain but right hit could help us to achieve singularity in next 10 years.

Ben Goertzle gave a detail prospective on this at TransVision 2006 futurist conference

He published a book recently entitled Ten Years To the Singularity where he discussed his ideas in detail. You can also read this article published orginally at Kurzweil Website