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  • Couples, Culture and Sex

    Aug 8, 15 • GeneralNo Comments
    Couples, Culture and Sex

    In this unique movie by Esther Perel, well known author and therapist, she looks into future of relationships, love and human connection. This is a great expose to the social changes we are facing. In this talk, she describes how culture influences how people connect and form couple and past and future versions of relationships. …...

  • The Transhumanist Future of Sex

    The Transhumanist Future of Sex

    The internet is rife with chatter about the transhumanist age we are entering, where radical science and technology are already changing the way we live. Everything fromrobotic hearts to personal drones to mind-reading headsets are here.┬áThe new tech coming in just a few years will touch nearly every aspect of our lives, including one of …...