Cyborg Spinal Cord

“E-Dura” An extension for Spinal Cord by EPFL

A team of scientist developed an implanted interface called “e-Dura” which could help in partially damaged spinal cord through a combination of electrical and chemical stimulation. They are going to soon test it to improve or enhance the existing state of partially damage spinal cord in human. Their e-Dura implant is designed specifically for implantation on the surface of the brain or spinal cord. The small device closely imitates the mechanical properties of living tissue, and can simultaneously deliver electric impulses and pharmacological substances without any kind of risks of rejection and/or damage to the spinal cord.

The researchers tested the device prototype by applying their rehabilitation protocol — which combines electrical and chemical stimulation – to paralyzed rats. Not only did the implant prove its biocompatibility, but it also did its job perfectly, allowing the rats to regain the ability to walk on their own again after a few weeks of training.

This implant can also be used to monitor electrical impulses from the brain in real time. When they did this, the scientists were able to extract with precision the animal’s or probably in future with human motor intention before it was translated into movement. Future of such implant has tremendous application specially for the enhancement of human life like in paralysis or locked-in-syndrome. Such new development day-by-day is increasing societies interest more in more in Transhumanist Ideas of such future technology and it’s appear that “Singularity is arrived”.

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