A solar panel on the roof, absorbs light from the sun to produce electricity, sufficient to power the home, and charge a battery in a generator. When rain clouds impede the sunlight or when nightfalls, the battery powered generator is automatically switched on, to power the home, and also power-up its own battery, so that if solar light for some reason does not happen to reach the home’s solar panel for a very long time, the generator can keep going.

Your grand-child will stumble upon some of your old belongings and find a piece of paper before running to you to ask, “what’s an electricity bill?”

Such a method as above, to power your home, your office, your factory and whatever else not where you work, play or live, is just one possibility, the other being thermal energy. Either way, electricity, at some point, and likely before 2050, not so much for the desire of free energy itself, but rather for the urgent need of sustaining the planet’s inhabitability for ourselves, will have to be free. This not just by means of clean energy that does not harm or interfere with nature or the enviroment, but also cuts down on the need for building and maintaining the infrastructure of a power grid. Effectively, the grid will have to become obsolete. At the rate at which have been, and are, damaging the climate, the urgency for the free electricity option, is such that we will need it well before 2050. The good news is, technologically, this is within the reach of the human race.

Imagine, no home on earth, without unlimited electricity. No one will have their supply cut, because they could not pay the bills. No longer would there be a need for an earth hour, as our power consumption will not be harming the planet anymore, but rather, most likely aiding our productive pursuits towards saving it. And imagine, you never have to purchase fuel for your car, as it too will run on solar power, and while running, it will charge the battery of its own internal generator, that can help power itself and the car, when solar light is absent.

Governmental costs will be lower in running public services, including lighting street lamps, drawing on tidal energy, floating wind farms and so on, for large amounts of power, that governments too will store. Result? More street-lamps, lower government spending on public services, healthier and happier economies.

Ships and other large machines will run on self-powered generators, charged up initially by being plugged in like your laptop in the present day, to power generators owned by ship owners or manufacturers.

While the whole idea seems attractive on the cost front, the focus on environment and human survival will be the factor in leading us to realising this idea or concept of the new stage in energy’s history.

The concept is admittedly not simple though, although it can simplistically be described. A generator runs on a battery to produce electricity, and while doing so, also keeps re-charging our powering its own battery in parallel. We should not make the mistake of thinking that this is simple to make, for it is a lot easier said than done. If it were not, we’d all have been using this technology today.

However, while I write about this concept herein, there are capable scientists and engineers already working on such power generator models and designs, with this much knowledge confirmed, that scientifically and logically, it is eventually possible. The key ingredient required now, is that of motivation, for expedience in realising this end.

Just go to Youtube and search for self-powered generators, free energy or generator that powers itself, to find numerous videos uploaded by students, scientists and engineers around the world, showing their efforts and progress so far.

One may ask, why would we then require dependence on solar energy or any other form of energy, once we have found and kick-started the use of self-powered generators? The answer is simple. Every machine has a lifespan and nothing that is created is indestructable or invincible. In other words, nothing lasts for ever. Until however, we can find and develop something we can be certain will last forever, we will have to use a combination, of both currently available forms of energy sources and the self-powering generators, powered or charged by those currently available forms of energy sources to begin with.