Whenever I watch sci-fi films, TV shows, etc., I always tend to over-think certain scenes or actions which catches my eye as being near unbelievable or unachievable. My thoughts go intohow we can make them achievable, and thus believable to the mass populace. One in particular lately has been what is called a “mind meld” from the popular Star Trek series.

skalp-anatomyFirst off: is it believable? Well, under its current conditions of being a biological possibility, no. We can’t simply lay our hands on someone’s head and then link into their thoughts and/or memories. Not without assistance, at least. Which brings me to: is it achievable? To make something like this achievable, we’d first need to establish a link of sorts between two people Preferably a mind>hand>mind connection.

To achieve this there would need to be at least one implant procedure done, and at most 2-3.*The main procedure would be a small, thin implant somewhere between the skull and the 5 layers of skin and tissue. This implant would acquire a video file. The file would be a collage of digital “memories” – clips of your life you’d recorded, fading in and out in a cascading motion. The implant would need the ability to be accessed wirelessly, so as the user could occasionally update the file over time.

From there you would need either a Google Glass device, or any other competitor hand-surface-anatomydevice in the augmented reality spectacles market. This device would automatically upload the downloaded file from the hand implant and play the file for you. In a matter of seconds you’d be watching the “memories” of whomever you “melded” with.The 2nd possible implant procedure would be done anywhere between the distal palmar and thenar of the hand. This isn’t a necessary procedure, but it would certainly add into effect of the action itself, making it all the more fascinating. This implant would act as a scanner, of sorts. You’d place your hand on the position of the person’s head in which the first implant was done. The hand implant would scan the head implant and then download the file.

*A 3rd possible implant would be a retinal implant, which would negate any need for augmented reality glasses. But that would be a risky procedure, and I believe unnecessary. Food for thought, however.