india_ifsIt is great to announce worldwide that India Future Society is now an officially registered Non-Profit Organization recognized by the Indian Government!  It would not have been possible without the dedicated effort of our  Founders, Great Team, Advisory Board Members, Authors and all other supporters. Thanks to all the involved!

India Future Society is a unique organization for India, which advocates the advancement and awareness of the emerging future technologies for the masses and the use of technology to expand human capabilities and improve human survival.

The main objectives of India Future Society are:

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  • To be a premier organization of international repute for Research and Development in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Robotics, and Emerging Future Technologies, such as nanotechnologies and  life extension technologies, and be a path setter in the shifting paradigm of Research and Development.
  • To emerge as a Research and Development institute  for providing competitive and high quality technical knowledge and expertise countrywide in the areas of A.I., Robotics and Emerging Future Technologies.
  • To undertake Research and Development in its areas of interest and perform pro-active initiatives to promote core research for challenging long term societal and technological goals and visions in India. This is to be done in an integrated and collaborative manner with an emphasis on timely application and strong potential for future impact. Research programmes will also reflect the convergence of A.I., Robotics and Emerging Future Technologies.
  • To keep abreast of the developments in AI Industry worldwide, track, evaluate and tap potentially applicable technologies for their appropriate usage to enhance economic competitiveness and address the social needs of India.
  • To create and maintain the environment conducive to Research and Development, innovation and intellectual property generation on a consistent basis for meeting the International Standards of quality and processes in order to ensure their productive and meaningful usage.
  • To adopt and introduce effective measures and pursue excellence to take the Research and Development outputs towards commercialization and proliferation to address the requirements in India and abroad.
  • To conduct education and training in A.I., Robotics and Emerging Future Technologies by building up and mobilizing skilled, high quality human resources including Research oriented training to facilitate growth and high value addition for enhancing employability potential.
  • To publish and promote scientific and research articles.
  • To design, develop and maintain the organization’s website and other outreach means.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops for more involvement of researchers and professionals from accross India and abroad.
  • To promote future and emerging technologies, and publish articles in the organization’s magazine, website or by other means.
  • To build businesses and enterprises via encouraging Technology Start Ups and Leadership skills.
  • To assist in the solution of global problems and risks with the help of emerging and existing technologies.
  • To collaborate with international organizations, groups and entities.

[/unordered_list] Our team works hard every day to continue progress to fulfil the objectives of the organization. You are welcome to join our Organization, and become a part of this adventurous journey toward a better, more advanced  future world.

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