The Evolution theory from Charles Darwin describes how life evolves into complex form by the process of Natural Selection. This process started around approximately 3.8 billion years ago in the vast diversity of the nature on the Earth. This process is unintelligent, so there is no higher intelligent creature that drive this process. About 500 million years ago plants colonised the land. Mammals first appeared around 129 millions years ago, homininae around 10 million years ago and modern humans around 250,000 years ago.

If we see the timeline of the Evolution we can see that plants take a very long time to appear from the simple multi cell organisms in the oceans. But then, the time of change from reptiles to mammals to homininae to humans is exponentially less. This infers that Evolution process has become faster and faster as time passes.

Today, evolution is in a very different position than even been before. The intrinsic goals of evolution is to make species survive and reproduce. Brains arriveed to sustain the whole system of the species. However, the appearance of humans is a very crucial point in the evolution process. Humans created languages that allowed them to exchange ideas. The big neocortex is the breaking point for human intelligence.

The future is something very different. Evolution has made an intelligent creature [humans] that can conceive reality at a speed and at a level, that they can manipulate this model in such a way that allows them to create and understand things that unintelligent processes like conventional evolution may take millions of years.  Just compare this intelligent being’s ability with the ability of conventional evolution that we see above. It’s able to create at an ever exponential pace than evolution can. So, now the future of evolution is in the hands of humans. Our intelligence is the threshold point that [conventional] evolution needs to surpass, and now we are going to create even more smarter machines than ourselves, which will eventually create an intelligence explosion.


We humans have almost stopped evolution by deforesting the earth to a great extent. Yet, we have made evolution intelligent. We humans are understanding our own design made by evolution and by doing so, we will overcome the hard problems that evolution has not able to solve, for example: the process of Ageing.

Using our advantage of intelligence and technology, now, we humans are going to decide the future of evolution by employing disruptive technologies, achieving Singularity through Transhumanism. This, in my view is a crucial change in the process of evolution. The exponential change that is coming in the near future is very different than anything that has ever happened in the time scale of evolution. So, get excited and learn the future…and more importantly, contribute and build it.